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来源:深圳市城市设计促进中心 2018-04-18 17:57:25  星期三


1  项目概况 Introduction



The site of Shenzhen Xiangmihu Area urban design competition includes the north, middle and south part of Xiangmihu. The boundary extends to Qiaoxiang Road in the north, Binhe Avenue in the south, Xiangmihu Road in the west, and Xiangmei Road and Xinzhou Road in the east. The total area is about 4.9 km, in which the extent of around 1.9 km for detailed urban design includes the north and middle part of Xiangmihu (the existing residential area not included) .

The international urban design competition intends to seek the most creative urban design ideas and concepts, on the basis of “global vision, international standard, Chinese characteristics and high positioning”. Aiming at the world-class standard and the finest quality, the competition is filled with ambition that makes the Xiangmihu area a new benchmark of urban planning and development in the core district of Shenzhen, and a new engine in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area to further facilitate Shenzhen urban development.

Scope of Shenzhen Xiangmihu Area Urban Design Competition

 2  工作内容 Work Content


The competition aims to create a new developmental vision of the Xiangmihu area, plan a new theme in the context of a new era, and demonstrate the quality and characteristics of future cities. The competition seeks a systematic design on urban function, public space, feature landscape, architectural forms and integrated transport, to provide an ecological, open and culturally vibrant urban space to the citizens. It also expects to create a sustainable urban area in Shenzhen with international quality and local characteristics by attracting the functions of an international exchange conference center, high-end finance, cultural and creative industries, lively commercial blocks and public open space and so on.

 3  日程安排 Time Arrangement


This international competition includes two stages: the first one is “request for prequalification” and the second one is “request fordesign proposal”.

Notes: All the time and dates are shown in Beijing Time. The organizers reserve the right to adjust the schedule.

 4  资质要求 Qualification Requirements



The competition will be open to the public, all domestic and foreign design companies can register for it. Joint design team is allowed. Individual application by person is not allowed. Priority will be given to the design teams with the following project experiences:

1) Planning and design experiences of new urban central areas;
2) Planning and design experiences of business, financial, cultural, artistic, leisure and commercial areas;
3) Planning and design experiences of international convention and exchange projects;
4) Urban design experiences of urban water fronts;
5) Profound experiences in creating publicl and scape and environment.

 5  奖金 Prizes


The Expert Committee will review the design proposals submitted by the 15 design firms according to the review procedures. Each of the first prize winners (three winners) will be paid RMB Three Million and Two Hundred Thousand Only (in figures:¥3,200,000), each of the second prize winners (five winners) RMB One Million and Five Hundred Thousand Only (in figures:¥1,500,000) and each of the third prize winners (seven winners) RMB Eight Hundred Thousand Only (in figures:¥800,000).

 6  资料索取及联络 Contact Inion

咨询电话:李小姐 0755-83243435



Click Read More at the bottom of the page to download:
Appendix 1: Part I Work Rules
Appendix 2: Part II Design Brief(general)
Contact person: Ms.Li +86 (0)755 83243435

 7  咨询组织机构 Organizers

*主办方及承办方对本次国际咨询工作规则拥有最终解释权。 解释语言以中文为准。
Organizer: Urban Planning, Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality (Municipality Oceanic Administration of Shenzhen)
Co-Organizer: Shenzhen Investment Holdings co., ltd.
Technical Support: Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen
Organizing Consultant: Shenzhen Center for Design (Shenzhen Public ArtCenter)
*The organizer and co-organizer reserve all rights in explanation on the regulation of this international competition. In case of any divergence of interpretation, the Chinese text shall prevail.


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